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The team at Thorn-Clarke Wines have immense respect for the diversity the Barossa region has to offer.  As a result we have developed vineyards throughout the region.   A deep belief in the impact of soil and microclimate on final wine quality has lead Thorn-Clarke to push the boundaries with site selection and planting.  It is our belief that great wines are made in the vineyard and that our understanding of our vineyards provides us with a competitive edge.  This is perhaps not unique in the wine industry but as our winemaker (aka care-taker) points out “No-one can do exactly what we do.  Our dirt is unique.”

Our winemaking team has the philosophy that great wines are made in the vineyard not the winery and that the members of the teams are custodians rather than creators of quality.  Our winemaking team, strongly believes that to make wines with complexity and elegance, the first step is getting the vineyards right.  Once harvested the winemaking team use the differences in vineyard expression to their advantage.  The winemakers spend enormous amounts of time tasting the wines and perfecting blends.  Our yeast and oak philosophy is simple, they should add to the complexity and balance of the wine, they shouldn’t dominate it.  In both cases the selection of strain or oak type depends on the characters and structure naturally found in the fruit.