NV 18 Year Old Tawny


Tawny brown in colour. This wine exhibits lifted a nose of raisins, dried fruits and plum pudding. The palate is rich and viscous with roasted apples, sultanas and cream caramel the predominant flavours. The sweetness is well balanced with clean acidity and gives the palate fantastic length. This wine would be served equally well with sweet deserts or with petit fours and coffee.

Vinification Notes

The grapes are crushed and de-stemmed into fermenters. Yeast is added immediately once in fermenter and the ferments are pumped over twice daily to maximize colour, tannin and flavour extraction. Cooling is used to ensure ferments remain in the 22-25 degrees Celsius range which will allow the fruit to display maximum fruit expression. Spirit is then added, the wine is pressed and aged in old barrels (older than 7 years) for a period which makes the average age of the wine 18 years.


Predominately Grenache, Shiraz and Touriga

Silver at 2013 Perth Wine Show

Wine Spectator, September Issue, 2013

90 Points

Wine Spectator Insider, Vol. 9, No. 16, April 17, 2013

90 Points: Dark and sweet, with coffee and allspice notes weaving through a fairly sweet layer of tea, walnut and creme brulee. Persists nicely.

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Tasting Notes