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ron thorn

Thorn-Clarke's Ron Thorn Single Vineyard Shiraz is the best of the best - made from the best fruit that we grow from the best vineyard sites, and produced only in exceptional years. This wine is a tribute to a cherished member of the family and his contribution to our story.

Throughout his early life, Ron Thorn showed tenacity and excellent judgment in the family vineyards. However, during the 1950's 60's and 70's, times were testing for a family business based on dry land horticulture and mixed farming. Ron's strong work ethic proved an invaluable asset during the tough years on the farm and he travelled widely as a shearer, drove bulldozers and worked at the local cement works to support his family.

Slowly the tide turned, Australians began drinking more wine and Ron with his uncanny ability to select and plant the grape varieties of the future, saw fortunes change for the family. His wry sense of humour and his strong work ethic were an inspiration to us all. 

william randell

Our William Randell Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are named and created in honour of our family ancestor and esteemed pioneer of Australia, William Richard Randell (1824 - 1911). He emigrated to South Australia in 1837 aged 13 years with his family, only ten months after the Colony of South Australia had been founded. Randell developed a knowledge of steam engines from his father’s flour mill at Gumeracha, along with a fascination for the river. In 1851 the Governor of South Australia created a bonus of £4000 to the first two boats to successfully navigate the Murray River.

In 1852, at the age of 28, and without any prior experience – Randell designed and commissioned a vessel 16m in length to be made of Redgum. Once built, the boat was deconstructed, dragged across the plains to the Murray, reconstructed and named the P.S. Mary Ann, after Randell’s mother. The Mary Ann’s maiden voyage was on the 19th of February 1853, making it the first paddle steamer on the River Murray.

On The 15th of August 1853 Randell set out again, unaware that Francis Cadell in the Lady Augusta was also on the River. The ‘Lady Augusta’ was double the size of Randell’s boat, and Cadell was an experienced captain. For some time the two paddle-steamers were in a neck and neck race, first one in the lead, then the other, with both boats stopping off to load and unload cargo. While Cadell travelled 150 miles beyond Swan Hill before returning with a cargo of wool, Randell travelled further, reaching within 50 miles of the Bendigo gold diggings. Randell had steamed 1068 miles from Goolwa. Neither steamboat met the conditions set down for the full government bonus. However Randell received £300 from the government for his feat, and the people raised another £400 as a testimonial.

single vineyard selection

As a 6th generation grape grower, the Thorn-Clarke family are custodians of 240 hectares of vineyard that includes holdings in some of the most southerly and northerly sites in the region. However, understanding the incredible diversity of Barossa soils and the impact on the characteristics of different varietals led us to look further afield than just our own estate. We reached out to acclaimed growers and began the process of creating a range of wines that would truly showcase what the Barossa region has to offer.

Our Single Vineyard Selection is an artisanal collection of small batch wines, produced from single vineyards throughout the Barossa and Eden Valleys.

The focus of the Single Vineyard Selection is to showcase the quality and diversity of regional wines of either traditional or alternative varietal make up. These wines receive very limited winemaking intervention, minimal filtration, and are matured in mostly old oak. The objective is drinkability, balance and harmony with food, without compromising complexity or the nuances of the individual sites.


Our Shotfire range pays respect to one of the Thorn-Clarke ancestors: James Goddard, who discovered the Barossa’s first gold mine. In that mine, the ‘shotfirer’ had the unenviable job of setting and lighting an explosive charge in a bold attempt to expose a vein of gold (and hopefully not bury the shotfirer…)

Essentially Barossan in style, each wine in this range exhibits a rich, deep charge of flavours that will make you feel like you've struck gold!


Named in honour of the remarkable migratory bird, which can be seen fossicking around the vineyard before flying to the northern hemisphere, sometimes as far as Siberia, before the chill of winter shrouds the Barossa - something of a reminder of the tenacity and commitment which is required for long term viticulture.

The Sandpiper range has developed a strong following in Australia due to the value offered and the sheer ‘drinkability’ of the range. The reds are produced to ensure that they are true to variety and region, plenty of good honest Barossa fruit, subtle use of oak to ensure the fruit shines through and soft approachable tannins ensure they drink well on release yet have structure to be cellared for up to 5 years. The whites are typical Eden Valley, showing good acid, lifted fruit character and a crisp clean finish.