Thorn-Clarke Wines

Sydney International Wine Competition 2016


Top 100/Blue Gold: 2014 Sandpiper Shiraz and 2014 Sandpiper Cabernet Sauvignon:

We are very happy to announce that two of our Sandpiper varietals our 2014 Sandpiper Shiraz and Sandpiper Cabernet Sauvignon have received a Top 100/Blue Gold award at the Sydney International Wine Competition for 2016.

This award is well earned as there are logistical constraints to judging wine alongside appropriate food. Firstly the judging panel being of such high calibreĀ is only kept together for a limited time, secondly only a maximum of 2,000 entries are accepted. Thirdly, only the highest pointed wines (20% plus or minus) from the first phase Varietal judging can be advanced to the Style Judging – “Judged With Food” phases. For consumers, all this makes this Competition’s Awards very meaningful, but it also means up to 80% to 85% of the total entry do not receive Awards recognition.

Sydney International Top 100 Blue Gold