Why join the Wine Club?


At Thorn-Clarke Wines we like to look after our members so we created a club especially designed for you, lovers of great wine.

This club gives our wine loving members the chance to get a great selection of our wines for great prices.



The signup process is easy

Choose your pack
Make a choice between our three packs on offer. The packs are chosen to give a great choice and coverage over our range. You can select as many as you like, you can also mix two different packs to make a dozen and receive free freight!

Select your delivery period
We offer either two or four deliveries per year allowing you to stock your wine rack as you need.

Enjoy the wine
Enjoy the wine delivered straight to your door.

Member Benefits

Special Pricing
In addition to the savings on the wine delivered to your door, you will also receive 10% off wines purchased online or in our Tasting Room.

Museum Wines
As a reward for being part of our club, we frequently open up our museum to members. Throughout the year we will email special offers only accessible to Wine Club members.

New Release Notifications
As members you get first access to new vintages of our premium wines. Priority Invitations we host dinners around the country and events at our Tasting Room throughout the year. As members you get priority access to tickets to all events.

Free Shipping
Members receive free shipping on orders of twelve bottles or more, and $10 for anything less.

Change as needed

You can change your selected pack as needed, or if you like more than one you can add an extra! Also if you are travelling you have the ability to hold a delivery.



Previous Wine Club Packs

Mixed Pack

NV Thorn-Clarke Sparkling
2018 Sandpiper Riesling
2017 Sandpiper Shiraz
2015 Shotfire Quartage
2017 Eden Trail Riesling
2016 Barossa Trail Shiraz


Red Pack

2017 Sandpiper Cab Sauv
2017 Sandpiper Shiraz
2015 Shotfire Quartage
2016 Shotfire Shiraz
2016 Barossa Trail Shiraz
2015 William Randell Cab Sauv


Shotfire Pack

2015 Shotfire Cabernet Shiraz
2015 Shotfire Quartage
2016 Shotfire Shiraz
2008 Shotfire Quartage
2010 Shotfire Shiraz
2011 Shotfire Shiraz



What are you waiting for? Sign up today to get access to this great club!