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The Christmas food & wine matching guide

While food and wine can be a personal thing, there are some key attributes to each wine that guide them to a certain food group. We have put together a special Christmas guide to help make it easier to choose the wines to enjoy this Christmas. Read below for our tips for a great match to your Christmas meal!


The All-Purpose wine

No Australian Christmas is complete without a nice glass of bubbles to kick it off. The good thing with bubbles is it can be enjoyed as a pre-lunch beverage, but also matches well with all types of food. Fresh and Crisp Eden Valley fruit with delicate bubbles help any occasion pop, but even more so at Christmas. Just pop the cork and enjoy!

Recommended: NV Thorn-Clarke Sparkling



You can’t go wrong with starting an Australian Christmas celebration with some delicious fresh seafood. From Oysters to Prawns, we are spoilt with some amazing seafood. Likewise we are spoilt with some amazing wines to enjoy with them as well.


Rieslings and oysters are a match made in heaven, (if you are an oyster fan that is!) The crisp lime note and fresh acid in the Eden Trail Riesling balances well with natural oyster. Go a nice fresh oyster with a Riesling chaser!

Recommended: 2018 Eden Trail Riesling


The Eden Trail Chardonnay is a beautiful fresh wine with crisp acid and buttery flavours. If you are having fresh or cooked prawns, the Chardonnay is a great match. My favourite is prawns cooked on the BBQ in some rich garlic butter! Delicious.

Recommended: 2017 Eden Trail Chardonnay



Turkey is a special meat that works with most wines. It is a gentle meat that isn’t over powering and can be enjoyed with your favourite white, red, rosé or even sparkling wine and it would work fine. Turkey is also lower in fat, so it needs a wine with bright fruit and a low level of tannin. Smooth, fresh and juicy wines like our Barossa Trail Grenache would be my recommendation!

Recommended: 2016 Barossa Trail Grenache


Oaked Chardonnay is a perfect match with a simple roast chicken. The richness in the 2017 Chardonnay balances well with the flavours of the roast chicken and the stuffing. If you are looking for a red, a Grenache or lighter style Shiraz works well.

Recommended: 2017 Eden Trail Chardonnay or 2016 Barossa Trail Grenache


A good glazed ham is one of my favourite Christmas foods. With Christmas day in Australia generally being hot, cold meats are a must! A good wine to match with a ham is something with lots of fruit, a good body and not too much tannin. Our Barossa Trail Shiraz is perfect, coming from our St Kitts vineyard in the northern end of the Barossa, this Shiraz has plenty of fruit and a fantastic balance between the fruit and tannin

Recommended: 2016 Barossa Trail Shiraz


Christmas pudding

The Christmas pudding is a classic dessert full of rich fruit and if done well, a hefty dose of brandy! The richness in the pudding matches well with big reds, or if you are feeling a bit cheeky you could open a nice Barossa fortified like our 2015 Vintage Fortified. Me selection would be a nice big Barossa Red like our William Randell Shiraz. Rich flavours and a great bottle to finish lunch with!

Recommended: 2017 William Randell Shiraz or 2015 Thorn-Clarke Vintage Fortified.


However you enjoy Christmas this year, we hope you have a great day with family and friends with some delicious food and some great drops of Barossa wines!