Thorn-Clarke Wines

Thats a wrap for vintage 2019

Well the 2019 vintage is all finished now, but it really only feels like it just began! The vintage this year will be remembered for some record breaking hot weather as well as record dry periods. The warmer and dry weather meant that overall our yields were down but with lower yields also means better quality! 2019 will be a step back into the big flavours that the Barossa are known for, and it could be said this vintage is a complete opposite to the vintage we had in 2017 which was a lot cooler than this year!

The 2019 season started in spring 2018 with a very dry start with very little rain over winter, continuing to well below rainfall in spring and summer. This meant our vines had to work a little bit harder over summer and it kept the vineyard guys busy trying to keep the water up to our very thirsty vines! January was one of the driest months on record with Adelaide not recording any rainfall at all. Thankfully we received more than that here in the Barossa but unfortunately not enough to make much of a difference. The drier start to the season meant that the vines produced smaller bunches with much smaller berries than usual. Overall the vintage was anywhere from 30% to 50% down on average across the Barossa. Overall this means that when 2019 wines are released there will be less of them, but you will want to snap them up as the quality will be amazing.

Early reports out of the winery are looking good. Bright and vibrant whites have come from our cool climate Mount Crawford vineyard, and for the third year in a row we look to have some more award winning wines coming up! The red wines showed some amazing depth in colour right from crushing. The winery workers hands showcase the colour that is in the wine this year! The lower yields from vintage also mean that the flavour has intensified in the fruit so expect some really strong and bold wines coming from our reds in 2019.

Now we look to get the vines refreshed with some fertiliser spread to get them ready and rejuvenated for next year before they go to sleep over winter! The winery guys will be busy getting the wine into their barrels and getting ready to bottle our next vintage.

The work never ends around the vineyards and the winery!