Thorn-Clarke Wines

Sydney Dinner with the Winemaker

On Thursday 21st June we hosted out Dinner with the Winemaker event at the new Meat and Wine Co in Barangaroo, Sydney. It was a fantastic night full of great wine, good stories and lots of laughs.

Senior Winemaker Peter Kelly came across for the night and showcased a range of our new release and some special museum release wines for those who attended. We had a look at the new 2017 Eden Trail Chardonnay which is a new oaked Chardonnay project for us, and we looked at some museum wines as well; the 2006 William Randell Shiraz and the 2008 Shotfire Quartage. Both were drinking exceptionally well and worked extremely well with the amazing food put on by the team at the Meat & Wine Co.

The new 2015 Ron Thorn Shiraz made an appearance as well and this big Barossa Shiraz was drinking beautifully on the night, but will benefit even more with the more patience you can have.

A quick game of wine options saw guests trying to work out a mystery wine. The first question sorted the majority out, and from there we worked our way down to the final two with a question on what year it was made in! We had a winner and the bottle reveal showed we were drinking a 2009 Terroirs St Kitts Malbec. This is a range we produced in the 2000’s and was one of the earlier labels we had running.

It was a fun night and everyone had a ball! Keep an eye out for our next dinner! They are always a lot of fun and you get to drink some amazing Barossa wines.