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with senior winemaker Peter Kelly

Now that Vintage 2019 is done and dusted the winery team can sit back and take stock of the season.  Every year the vineyards have different seasonal conditions to deal with, sometimes we are blessed with perfect weather, at other times we face challenges.  The 2019 Vintage was full of challenges but the resilience of the vineyards has shone through in the wines that were produced.

Each year the winter rain sets up the vines for the following years harvest and in winter last year, we had extremely low rainfall.  In turn this set us up for having very low crop levels across all four of our growing sites.  We also had some extreme heatwave events throughout the growing season.  Normally this could be a disaster as the fruit can suffer sunburn just like we can.  With the low crop levels and healthy canopies however the fruit not only came through unscathed but seemed to relish the heat!

The final wines are showing all the hallmarks of a classic Barossa vintage.  The whites are crisp, varietal and carry the juicy, vibrancy of the year.  Reds will also be brilliant.  The Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are the stars with deep colour and amazing flavours!  These wines will be so approachable when we release them but promise a long and exciting future if you can age them in a cellar or wine fridge.