Thorn-Clarke Wines

James Halliday’s Wine Companion 2016!

We are very pleased to announce that for the 10th year running Thorn-Clarke has been awarded the 5 red star rating from James Halliday. Not only that but eight out of the twelve Thorn-Clarke wines reviewed including our Ron Thorn and William Randell Cabernet Sauvignon, received James Halliday’s special value star which is given to wines that represent outstanding value!

2012 Ron Thorn Shiraz: 97 Points

2012 William Randell Cabernet Sauvignon: 97 Points

2014 Eden Trail Riesling: 96 Points

2012 Shotfire Quartage: 95 Points

2013 Shotfire Shiraz: 95 Points

2013 Thorn-Clarke Graciano: 94 Points

2012 William Randell Shiraz: 93 Points

2013 Shotfire Quartage: 93 Points

2012 Eden Trail Shiraz: 93 Points

2012 Shotfire Cabernet Shiraz: 92 Points

2010 Thorn-Clarke Vintage Port:90 Points

2014 Sandpiper Riesling: 90 Points