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Best Wine at Show – Hobart Wine Show 2006 – 2005 Shotfire Quartage

The prestigious Royal Hobart Wine Show results are in and we are pleased to announce that the Shotfire Quartage has fired again. The 2005 Shotfire Quartage has been awarded two trophies for the ‘Best Wine at Show’ and the “Best Blended Wine at Show’. We are delighted with the performance of the Quartage, with the 2004 vintage winning the 2005 Adelaide Wine Show and now the 2005 winning the 2006 Hobart Wine Show. Full results from Hobart are:

2005 Shotfire Quartage – Trophy for Best Wine at Show and Trophy for Best Blended Wine at Show
2005 Shotfire Shiraz – Silver
2006 Sorisso Rose – Silver
2004 William Randell Shiraz – Bronze
2005 Sandpiper Shiraz – Bronze
2004 Sandpiper The Blend – Bronze
2006 Sandpiper Riesling – Bronze